Unifor Air Canada Collective Agreement 2020

Unifor Air Canada Collective Agreement 2020

As a professional, I understand the importance of ensuring that articles are optimized for search engines while maintaining clear and concise language. In this article, we will be exploring the recent Unifor Air Canada collective agreement for the year 2020.

Unifor is a union that represents Air Canada employees, and they recently reached a collective agreement with the airline for the year 2020. The agreement covers a range of issues, including wages, benefits, and job security.

One of the major components of the agreement is a wage increase for employees. Air Canada employees will see a 2% wage increase in 2020, followed by another 2% increase in 2021. This is an improvement from the previous collective agreement, which only featured a 1.5% wage increase for 2019 and 2020.

The new agreement also includes improvements to employee benefits. Air Canada employees will receive an additional one week of vacation time, bringing the total to four weeks of annual vacation time. The airline has also committed to increasing contributions to employee pension plans.

Another significant aspect of the agreement is job security. The union and the airline have agreed to protect current jobs and create new positions for employees. The agreement includes a commitment to hiring new employees rather than relying on contract workers.

Overall, the Unifor Air Canada collective agreement for 2020 signifies a positive step forward for the airline and its employees. The wage increase and improvements to employee benefits will help to enhance the quality of life for Air Canada employees. The commitment to job security is also reassuring for employees who value stability and security in their workplace.

In conclusion, the Unifor Air Canada collective agreement for 2020 is an important development for the airline and its employees. As a professional, it is important to ensure that this article is optimized for search engines without sacrificing its readability or accuracy. By focusing on relevant keywords and providing clear information, we can help readers to gain a better understanding of this latest development in the airline industry.

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